Sunday, November 24, 2013

#351. KANAME's Sign Getto!!

Excuse me, I seriously don't know what else to use as a title. OTL I was so shocked and surprised and I never knew one day I would actually come to own this! Ahh! Kaname-san, thank you! Also thanks to my friend for offering to have one signed for me too! You're the best! :)) I chose this pic because Naito is such an under-appreciated mascot than his counterpart Super Sonico orz.  Kaname also did a good job of cosplaying him! Ahhh! Banzai~ (。+・`ω・´)

Also, I have finished designing my coscard! I spent ages designing them. Doesn't it look lovely? (´∀`)♡ Really thanks a lot to my darling friend for taking this picture for me! I was actually afraid of lying on the ground cause there were a lot of creepy crawlies everywhere. ;A; I chose not to show off the back part of the card cause am waiting for mine to arrive then I will take pics of it and put it up.

Nothing much went on with life as usual. It's just so boring here that I seriously have no idea what to do wtf. I got a couple of photoshoots planned ahead but i can't get started on them since my contact lens and wigs are not here yet gg. 

Jessu, signing off!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

#350. What happened so far

I have been MIA for a year+ on blogger. I kinda stop blogging after a friend of mine Izumi introduced me to tumblr. The same story unfolded after that: I got addicted, I made tons of graphics and got better with photoshop, I got tumblr famous for a short while, then I got lazy and I dropped it. LOL My never-ending cycle phase. I was actually going to switch to wordpress but I sorta realized it ain't my thing. ;A; Or maybe am just sooo used to this blog that I have been nurturing for a couple of years that I decided to come back.

I am not saying this is for good but at least I made some efforts to pretty up this blog now. (Actually all I did was changed the layout. Contents remained the same. LOL //kenapiak)

I successfully graduated from my University this June and am super jobless now that it's not even funny. Maybe am just too picky. Maybe am not even ready for a job yet. My mom doesn't agree with me on my job choices but what else can I do when I have to wait? My initial plan was to get a scholarship with a dear friend of mine but somehow, that got shot down too. I swore to myself am not done studying yet! Now you know how much of a study freak I am. So I just have to try harder! If all else fails then maybe it's a sign that am just not cut out for this studying crap. I really want to go overseas. I want to enjoy the life there with my sister and my friend together. We can go around the place and stuff our nose deep in our work and be truly satisfied and blessed for having the great opportunity to go there.

Guess it just ain't cut out for us. I don't believe it though. We can do it! Let's just put our mind to it one more time! I feel like I should really start practicing my voice to master Apollo's Chord of Steels. That will probably make me feel better.


Oh Polly, what am I going to do without you in my life. Now that since I got lazy typing so much words. Am just gonna use pictures and captions to sum up what happened for the past few weeks. //kenabricked

These actually came from the mail the other day. I cannot believe it. It took more than 3 weeks and it's finally here. I saw the Justice Bao photobook online and I knew I just have to have it. The insides are absolutely stunning and breathtaking to look at. The cosplayers did a great job of portraying the characters as well.

Not to mention, it actually portrays my favorite character pairing from an old chinese literature. LOL Don't judge me. I am trying so hard not to BL-classify everything I see but their chemistry! IT'S JUST TOO REAL TO IGNORE. Have I ever mention am a crazy fan of Assassin's Creed? ESPECIALLY HATHAM KENWAY. I got daddy issues. LOL

I also got myself the Marry Me collection postcards! It's so pretty! I don't know am just really crazy for postcards right now. I bought a shit ton of these for collection purposes. I even ordered a postcard folder to keep these in. OTL That basically explains how obsessed I am with postcards right now. Yep.This set features 40 postcards from different TV series/movie fandoms. The funny bit is that everything is marriage-themed. LOL YEP. AM NOT EVEN FEELING SORRY FOR BUYING THIS.

I also got myself a tablet which I have the liberty of naming it after one of my favorite characters in the said chinese literature but I bet you're not interested to know about that. herpderp

I also picked up these babies from Bisukato. ;A; Now my Hanamichi will not be alone! Rukawa-sama will always be next to you on my shelf and calling you baka. Also got myself the Kuroko no Basuke's one coin figures. Speaking of figures, Megahouse is slowly and painfully releasing full scale figures of the boys AHHHHH. AM DYING ORZ. I have my eyes locked onto Kise and Aomine. I MUST GET THEM SOON THE MOMENT THEY ARE RELEASE FOR PREORDER OR I WILL REGRET IT FOREVER.

I also picked up a copy of Pokemon X on the release date! It was just too damn epic to not buy! Before I move on to the details, let's take a moment to appreciate Gary Oak who is still an asshole being mentioned in the Kalos region. Nintendo slotted in this easter egg. Made me happy. Now if we can actually meet him in person. I sorta missed the smug bastard. The game has tons of amazing little details that makes you go DAWWWWW right in the damn feeeels! For example, Pikachu now actually doesn't sound like a dial-up modem anymore. LOL And when you speak to young boys and girls, your character actually bends down. More d'awww moments there. Also, for the first time in Pokemon history, your character can actually SIT DOWN. LOL The 3d views are stunning. I really like Anistar City. It's gorgeous beyond relief. Oh you can also buy clothes for your characters. I spent my money mostly on clothes ingame orz.

A couple of weeks after the release of Pokemon X and Y, capcom finally released the latest game in the Gyakuten Saiban series: Ace Attorney 5: Dual Destinies!!  And here we have a lol pic of Klavier hitting on Apollo. HAHA The cases are amazing so far though it does has its fair share of boring points. Sadly, the step ladder joke didn't come back in this game. Was actually missing it. I am on my fifth case which is the last case in the game until the DLC case comes out! Please let it be soon!

Look what came in the mail again! ^0^ MY BOOKS ARE HERE. I will spend some time reading them soon enough! My Loki fan is missing though. :( I wonder where it went.


THANK YOU DIN SO MUCH FOR FIGHTING FOR THIS PRECIOUS BOOK. And thank you for the souveniers from AFA!! ;A;

Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday, January 30, 2012

#348. Shinnousuke





#347. Tokyo Yamanote Boys Dark Cherry

To be honest, this is basically what I have been up to for the whole afternoon. LOL

Took me FOREVER to find this game. I honestly have forgotten about it until a friend of mine mentioned it last night. It was hard to search for so I gave up orz.

Basically it doesn't really differ much from the Starry Sky concept. Once a year, only one high school girl from all over Japan is to be chosen as a princess to judge the boys in a confession tournament. Super/top high school boys will be picked and try to win her affections and then confessing to her. The guy the princess picks will then be crowned as Prince. There's also a legend circulating around that if a prince and a princess are picked, they will live happily ever after. There are three in the series and more to be released soon this year. 

The one am playing at the moment in Tokyo Yamanote Boys Dark Cherry and centers around Jesus Rudou, Moboroshi Tetsu and Hamada Shinnousuke. (Look at the picture above: from left to right)

I have yet to officially start on it yet. I only went through the introduction of the game for now. I will continue later since I have work to do. ^^;; And am too lazy to be honest to go through every single game in the series. I start off with DC because I like the guys there better and this is also the story where everything gets summed up and you will know what basically happens anyways. 


For those who are wondering, the game is NOT in English. It's in Japanese. I translated these myself so don't get the wrong idea about it.